Gregory's Custom Roofing Inc., Since 1983
Hartsville Tennessee

About Us

Hello, my name is Larry J. Gregory Sr, most folks around here, know me as Pot,(long story from First Grade in school)and I started my Roofing Business, GREGORY'S CUSTOM ROOFING, in 1983. I have been keeping you and your family protected from the elements,with quality,dependable,courteous,service, for 26 years. My goal has always been to install a quality roof job on your house, using only the best materials, and techniques. The one's that have been proven to give you, the homeowner, the best possible roof job for your money. There are many nail-drivers in the roofing market today, but not many roofers. So, Mr. or Mrs. Homeowner, don't be apprehensive about asking questions. We also carry the proper Workers Compensation Insurance to protect you, the Home Owner. To see more about the materials we use go to this site they have the best shingle and warranty program that I have ever had the opportunity to use.

My roofers are red-blooded,home grown Americans, that are skilled in their craft. All-American Labor, is one of our motto's. You won't find any illegal-immigrants working on my jobs. I have never believed in this type of labor, and will not use them. We all speak Southern English!

While most contractors in roofingdom have gone to the mechanical method of installing roofing with airguns, we still do it the best way. We use the hammer and nail method of installation. I have always believed, this is the best method of the installation of roofing.

We do leak repairs, siding repairs, gutter repairs, as well as installing new roof systems. We do roofovers, tearoffs, and small flat jobs. I also work with your insurance carrier to help you get proper service from them in the case of a wind or hail claim.

Gregory's Custom Roofing is Business Licensed thru, Trousdale Metro Gov.,and a member of C/C of Trousdale Co.

Call us today for a FREE ESTIMATE at 615-374-2321 or 615-633-7497

Mona-Vie for your Health

In addition to caring for the health and well-being of protecting your home thru quality roofing products. I also sell and network a product called Mona-Vie. It is an amazingly tasty health drink that is good for you and your health. To learn more about this product visit their web-site, either click on the following, or cut & paste it into your browser I  started drinking this amazing product a year ago, and the results were overwhelming for me.  Almost overnight, I felt better, slept better, had increased energy levels, and became more alert.

Drink It! Feel It! Share it!

Good Health Tips

A few years ago a good friend of mine had a heart attack. He had to go thru multiple bypass surgery, and came out of it all in fine shape. I am glad to say he is doing fine today. In a conversation with him one day, he told me of something that his doctor had told him. The doctor said that if he would take 1000 mg of FLAX SEED OIL two times a day and eat a bowl of oats, he would never have to worry about his cholesterol getting out of hand. I took note of this information, as I am probably the worlds worst about eating the proper diet, (hamburger junkie,know what I mean?).

I am always looking for something in the supplement field that would be beneficial to one's health, so I thought to myself, if this is good for heart patients, it must be good as a supplement for anybody, right?  So I started a regimen of taking the stated dose of flax seed oil. I was at a point where I felt sort of sluggish, had a tired energy level, seemed it would take me too long in the mornings to get rolling like I once did in my younger days, sort of that cold molasses in winter feeling. Boy, was I surprised, within 7 days, I was feeling better, I had more energy, I felt refreshed when I awoke in the mornings. All being said the flax seed worked for me to increase my levels of energy. I would recommend that anybody give this a try. I have heard it said that purity of the supplement or vitamin you take is monumental. So take notice where you buy your supplements and vitamins. I recommend , this is where I get mine. With the Mona-Vie and Flax Seed Oil combination, I feel young again.


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